Dance your way to good health

So I found myself twerking last Friday night. No, I wasn’t in the club. Those days have ended for me. But it did feel like old times. I was popping, dipping, and having fun with an awesome instructor and other cool ladies. I know, I know, it sounds weird but it was a twerking fitness class. You’re still probably confused, but don’t be.

I love to exercise, and I really enjoy different forms of exercise. I like exercise that feels like I’m just having fun, but then I find myself sweating and using muscles that I didn’t know I had.

This TwerkFit class by Regina Perez Fitness is similar to Zumba in that you’re dancing for a sweaty workout. It’s sure to get your thighs burning and your buns firm. And you’re in a comfortable, judge free zone where you can just have fun shaking whatcha momma gave ya.

I met Regina less than a month ago at a Sistas on Purpose group that I joined recently. She’s a fitness model and personal trainer. She’s such a beautiful woman inside and out. She told me to come to her next TwerkFit class to check it out. Well, I’m glad I did. It was definitely a workout, and the ladies were just having a good time. No one was worried about coordination or rhythm. You can’t be concerned with that when you’re trying to be healthy.

Exercise classes where I’m dancing to tone and strengthen my muscles are a favorite of mine. I believe dancers have some of the greatest bodies, so I imagine that I look like them when I’m moving, lol. That’s why I loved this TwerkFit class. I had to rely on muscles I normally work out in the gym. Yet, I had to be loose so I could twerk properly without looking like a stiff board. I was like, “Heeeyyy, I’m doing something here”.

Being healthy is important to me because my body is a temple of God. He gave me only one, and I have to take care of it. To be honest, I haven’t taken the best care of it over the years. I’ve had my moments of eating unhealthy and not working out. Within the last year I’ve been trying to get back on track. I’ve had ups and downs but I’m sticking with it.

I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older that I have to take care of my body now so that when I’m older I’m not working double time trying to fix what I broke in my 20’s and 30’s. So when I get bored with the treadmill, the elliptical, and lifting weights, I’m looking for fun and exciting ways to move my body.

In order for me to carry out God’s purpose for my life, I have to be healthy and in good shape. It’s start now with being a stay at home mom running to and fro with kids. I’m up and down stairs, pulling and pushing kids in wagons and strollers, lifting kids and carrying them on my hip. On top of that, Taj doesn’t walk so I have to carry him to put him in his equipment, his bed, or the tub. I’m pretty strong, too.

And when I see the vision that God has laid out for me, I have to be healthy and in shape to travel, to withstand long work hours, and to be a witness to women how you can have babies and still have the body of your dreams. I want to emphasize “your” because everyone’s dream body is different. Be your best you for you!

Everyone won’t be model thin and a size 2. We won’t all have a perfect hourglass figure. But we can start being our best by just getting up and moving around. I get a good work out at the park with my kids. I try to sit on the park bench and watch, but somehow I always get sucked into the playground with all of those screaming kids. But it’s all good. I enjoy the bonding time and the extra calories burned.

Exercise is only a small part of total health and fitness. I just decided to highlight exercise today because we burn calories in ways we don’t think about sometimes. We have to work our way up to organized fitness routines, but dancing around your house is too easy and is good for your heart and soul.

If you live in the DMV, find a Regina Perez Fitness Twerkfit class near you. If you don’t live here, turn on your favorite music and start dancing. I even dance to Sesame Street or Yo Gabba Gabba with the kids. With the way my kids dance I’m sure to burn some calories just jumping and shaking the sillies out.

What are some non traditional ways you like to get a work out in? I’d love to hear how creative you are with moving your body. Remember, God gave you an amazing body. Take good care of it and dance like no one’s watching.

Sending love and hope your way!

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  1. Shanetta, I’ve found that dancing is one of the best workouts you can do. My kids love to dance and when they find a song they like on YouTube, it’s on lol. That Peanut Butter Jelly song has been giving the whole family a good workout. As always, thanks for sharing cuz.

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