Take the LEAP!


Last summer, I took my daughter to see the movie Leap. She’s taking ballet so I thought it would be a cute movie for her to watch. Last week, we watched it again on Netflix.

If you haven’t seen this movie, stop reading this post right now and find it on Netflix or a Redbox near you. If you have seen it, isn’t it such an inspiring movie? Either way, come back and finish reading.

Of course Zoe was fascinated by the pirouettes, arabesques, and sautés. But for me this movie is far more than just ballet. I see a message in everything, so I was very encouraged by the storyline.

It teaches children, as well as adults, to follow your dreams. This message is so real in my house these days. Zoe has an interest in being a doctor when she grows up, and I’m going to make sure she learns what she needs to know to make her dream come true. Maybe she’ll be a ballerina doctor. Hmmm.

My favorite line in the movie is, “If you never leap, you’ll never know what’s its like to fly”.

That line hit me like a freight train. Ok God, I get it! I want to fly. I want to soar. I have to leap.

I think over my life and count the numerous times I let fear get in my way of doing something. I’m finally at a point where I can say, “Screw it…let me at least try”. I definitely can’t pass that fear along to Dr. Zoe, so I have to straighten up.

Another fascinating part of the movie was how the main character, Félicie, just knew she was a dancer even when she didn’t have the steps down and looked like somebody’s old Auntie dancing at the family reunion. She even called herself a dancer when she hadn’t even stepped foot in a dance studio to train, yet.

If that’s not believing in yourself, I don’t know what is. That’s the type of belief I want to instill in my children. Honestly, I’m learning that for myself as I type.

I’m learning to take the leap. I’ve been a stay at home mom for 8 years and got stuck in my comfort zone. Now it’s time to take my leap.

I’m jumping into unknown territory. I’m jumping into uncharted territory. I’m jumping into unlit territory. It’s scary, but will be worth it.

Come along this journey with me to take the leap. What are you leaping towards? Don’t be afraid to jump out there and fly. While you’re at it, take in the beautiful scenery and bask in the warm sun.

Sending love and hope your way!

4 thoughts on “Take the LEAP!”

  1. Shannetta, in 8 months I will have my BBA and I am thinking of taken the leap of getting my Master’s. I’ve lost so much time with T2 and I’m not wanting to lose more; however this decision will be beneficial to her and our future.

    1. That’s awesome cousin! I know it’s hard being away from T2 but it’s so worth it once you’re done. She’ll be so proud of you. Congratulations!

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