Baby fat go bye bye

In my 20’s, I could eat whatever I wanted and would lose weight. I could think of my dream body and BAM, I’d be thin again. Even after my first 2 kids (2nd one in my early 30’s) I had a pretty good snap back with healthy eating and exercise. That was once upon a time.

Can I get those days back? I can and I will.

After the birth of my 3rd child, um, yeah, I mean…what happened, y’all? No one told me after the 3rd one it would be harder to get the weight off.

I understand that it gets harder to stay in shape and lose weight as you get older. I just didn’t think 33 was “older” and that it wouldn’t be the same as having a baby at 30. Maybe it’s the hustle and bustle of life and taking care of 3 kids. I don’t have as much time for myself as I used to.

As I said in a previous post, (read my post from March 6) I am a very disciplined person in the moment. But lately I get easily distracted. When I take a break from healthy living, that break lasts longer than it should.

I don’t just fall off the wagon. I fall off, find a slice of pizza on the side of the road, find out there’s a pizzeria around the corner, then build a new home there.

I gained 50 pounds with each 3 of my kids. No, I don’t believe in eating for 2. I ate everything I wanted to eat for 1…me, moi, mí. So I don’t blame the weight gain on being pregnant. I take full responsibility for it. I was going gain weight anyway so I might as well eat I want. I would worry about getting the weight off later. If I had to do it again…AND I WON’T…I would do it differently.

After Taj and Zoe, I was able to lose 30 pounds before my 6 week check up. Woot woot! Then, I was able to run and do home workouts to lose weight the extra 20. Weight Watchers was also helpful. It helped me to get my portions back in check, and it made me make healthier food choices.

I started running 5K’s, 10 milers, and half marathons. After Zoe, I lost an extra 10 pounds for a total weight loss of 60 pounds. I was able to do this before her 1st birthday so I was proud of myself. (See above photos)

I gained that 10 back before I got pregnant with Kai, then I gained the faithful 50 back during his pregnancy. I was successful at losing my typical 30 pounds before the 6 week check up. But something changed from then to now. To this day I’m still stuck with the last 20 pounds to lose, and Kai will be 2 in May.

I’m mom tired…meaning, I don’t always eat healthy and I don’t always feel like working out because I like rewarding myself with food or just laying on the couch doing nothing when the kids are away or asleep. I really need to increase my will power from 32% to at least 51%. I’ll get to 100% soon enough.

I was talking to my cousin about losing weight and we both agreed that we have to do what’s best for our bodies. I’m tired of doing research and talking to fitness professionals and being told to do the same thing everyone else does. I get bored and need variety. Nobody puts Shanetta in a corner. Lol

So here I am again…drafting a new plan to get healthy and in shape before my 36th birthday this summer. But this time, I’m making a lifestyle change that will carry me into my 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and beyond.

I want to show the world and be an example to moms that you can lose the weight and attain your dream body. You can be a busy person and still take your health seriously. I’m finding my groove but trust me, I will get there.

You all are my accountability partners. I’ve shared my current struggle and don’t mind putting my business out there. I can’t wait to come back for my birthday and show you the work I’ve done. Hold me to it!

Your struggle may be something different or it may be the same. No matter what it is, you can overcome it.  You will win!

Sending love and hope your way!

2 thoughts on “Baby fat go bye bye”

  1. Hey love! I’m eating a BLT as I read your post. Good luck! Lol…no I’m kidding:) but seriously I think if you shift your focus from weight loss/snap back to simply eating to live and being healthy the change will come. Since my mom’s diagnosis of cancer I’ve learned so much about what is truly in foods and how bad a lot of it is. I think the problem is not age alone that makes it difficult for us to reach a desired weight loss goal, rather the older we get, the more toxins we have built up which make it quite difficult for our bodies to break down fat. You will get there, but let your drive be eating to live and not living to eat. This is something my brother tells me often. I’m a true foodie, so I need reminders often. XO, REE

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