Push through the struggle

These last 2 weeks have been BUSY! Kai’s birthday was 2 weeks ago. He turned the big 2. He’s such a boy joy in my life. He’s learned quickly how to get what he wants.

Then, last week was recital week for Zoe. Rehearsals every night and a show to do on Saturday wore me and her out. But she did a beautiful job, and I’m very proud of her.

But that’s not what my post is about today.

My husband and I went to a parent/teacher conference for Zoe a couple of weeks ago. Something the teacher said spoke to me, and I applied it to life in general. I want to share with you because it will encourage you today.

Her teacher said that when children are reading a book and they come to a word that they are unsure of, they need to go through their options of trying to figure the word out. They should look at the picture for clues, look at the letters and sound the word out, and if need be, you can give the child multiple choice answers.

The part of what she said that really stuck with me is that children need to struggle with a word in order to learn it and retain it. They must do the work for themselves to figure the word out. It’s the struggle that helps them to learn.

How many times do we struggle and want someone to give us the answer? How many struggles do we experience and look to someone to save us so we can continue on? How many times do we not want to do the work to help ourselves?

When we don’t embrace the struggle and do the work, we won’t learn from it. I truly believe that experience is the best teacher.

I’ve noticed that when I tell Zoe a word that she struggles with reading, she doesn’t remember it when it comes back around later. But when I make her do the work to figure it out, she’ll remember it the next time.

That’s how it is in life. When we come across a trial, crisis, or plain old hard time, we have to work through the struggle so that we’ll get stronger and grow more patience.

It reminds me of when I work out, and I’m trying to grow my muscles. I have to push myself past my struggle point and keep going. As I continue to do this, my muscles get used to that weight and they get stronger so that I can lift that weight again. As I keep doing this, I’m able to lift heavier and heavier weights.

So many times we want to give up. Things get too hard in life and we want to tap out. Then we question where is God. He’s always right there. God is like a spotter when you’re lifting weights. He’s right there behind you ready to catch you, the weight, or the concern in just the right time.

A struggle isn’t meant to stop you. The word itself means to make a forceful effort to get free of restraint or resist attack. So that tells me it’s an action. We are not supposed to sit idle and let every struggle take us down, but we are to make every effort to break free.

If you have any areas of your life where you are struggling, just know that’s an area where the enemy doesn’t want you to succeed. Trust God to help you get through. You’re only going to get stronger and better.

Sending love and hope your way!


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