How this busy mom let go of pride to keep it real

What does the perfect mother look like to you?

Meet Perfect Petunia. She’s got it going on from head to toe. Like literally. Every hair on her head is in it’s designated place. Her skin is flawless like a VVS diamond. She keeps a steady appointment to get her mani’s and pedi’s because her nails have to be strong, polished, and balanced just like her. She’s dressed to the nine’s because…well…she has to appear as if her clothes are not meant to be used as a napkin.

Are any of you Perfect Petunias? I’m sure not her. I’m more like Real Rose.

She keeps her hair looking nice, but it’s nothing for her to rock a top knot or french braid. She may not have time for monthly facials, but she washes her face and puts lotions and creams on to keep from looking too dry out here in these streets. Mani and pedi? She finds time to get her nails done professionally every now and then, but she owns a variety of shades of Sally Hansen and OPI nail polish. Dressing up for her is going to work or a special event on the weekend. Otherwise, jeans are most comfortable second to sweatpants.

What makes moms want to be Perfect Petunia is pride. We want to appear as if we have everything together. Our children are perfect, our homes are perfect, and our lives are perfect. But that is far from the truth.

Strip down any mom you see on social media or walking about, and you’ll find that we all have clouds in our stones. And that’s okay.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking nice and keeping your appearance up. I think it speaks well of a woman, or any person for that matter, to have good hygiene and be well groomed. The problem comes in when we hide or cover up our imperfections then send out our representative. Oh yeah, we not only have a representative in the dating world, but in everyday life, too.

I’ve met Real Rose because I am her.  Some days my kids frustrate me, and I want to leave the house and eat a dozen cupcakes. My house isn’t clean everyday. I would like for it be, but as soon as I clean up, my kids come around ready to destroy my work. You would think they’re allergic to a clean house.

I can speak on how pride gets in the way of being a genuine, pure, authentic being because I’ve been working on being delivered from pride for the last year. It’s a stubborn demon.

I’ve come to realize that I can be great and awesome, but I have to go through God. I can’t exalt myself and put myself on a pedestal to portray perfection. When I let God lead, He gives me His will. So then, my life is only perfect because it’s His perfect will.

This means that each of our lives will be different, yet perfect, in the way God has designed us. There is no cookie cutter, perfect mom. When we are true to ourselves, we can help others be set free.

I’m still embracing being an imperfect, stay at home mom. The more I work on just being me, and being the best mom I can be, my best keeps getting better.

I’d love to hear how you are shedding the representative who you want the world to see, and just love the body and the being God made you to be. It’s so freeing when you don’t have to work hard at being someone you’re not. It’s so easy being me and not giving 2 cares about changing for others.

Sending love and hope your way!

4 thoughts on “How this busy mom let go of pride to keep it real”

  1. Hello my darling niece!
    Well Im a country girl, I’ve always been a lil bit honest with my looks(lol). However; I really…I mean really became honest with myself as I got older. I realize my kids represent me, meaning when people see our kids they automatically think of the parent if they aren’t put together nicely (lol) 😉

    1. Hello Titi! Yes, so true! I’ve never liked to see kids looking a mess while their mama is fly. If nothing else my kids are always cute even if I’m out and about with T-shirt and jeans. Thanks for reading!

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