You are not alone…I’m here with you!


Listen up moms and dads. We’re all on this ride together, and we must hold on to each other and make sure we’re okay.

This ride called parenthood is a busy one. From school events, home chores, and extracurricular activities, there’s always something to do and needs to be done.

Sometimes I just want to stay in bed and pray everything takes care of itself. If someone figures out how to do that, please let me know.

Since becoming a mom almost 8 years ago, (wow’s, its been that long) there have been plenty of times I have to lay my wants and needs aside to take care of my kids. Sacrifice, I think that’s what it’s called.

And dealing with Taj, especially in the early years, it was tough going to doctor appointments and therapy sessions. Some appointments were so boring. We would be there for 4 hours with one doctor coming in for 15 minutes, wait an hour, then another doctor would come in to talk, and so on.

Now that we’ve added 2 more to the bunch, there’s even more to do. Gymnastics, dance, soccer, swim…there’s hardly any time for a free moment to breathe and relax.

We went to a meeting at Taj’s school last week and a parent mentioned that once Taj enters middle school he’s eligible to play team sports. I smiled thinking it’s great Taj could possibly be on the bowling team, yet, I cringed at the idea of another activity we would be adding to our already overflowing plate in the years to come. Yikes!

Having a special medical needs child is totally new to me. I never knew anyone with a child like Taj or similar for that matter. The only children with disabilities that I encountered was when I volunteered to help with the Special Olympics in middle school.

I went to therapy 3 years ago to talk to someone about my feelings and what I was experiencing being a mom to a special medical needs child. She explained that although Taj is living, I was still grieving. You may be wondering the same thing I was when she said that. How can you grieve someone who is still alive?

She explained that I had the hopes and dreams during pregnancy of having a healthy, bouncing baby boy just like all the pregnancy books and websites talked about. But I needed to grieve the idea of Taj that I had and he didn’t become. My husband’s and my life changed not only because we were new parents, but because we were new parents to a child who wasn’t typically developing as most children. And to be honest, he most likely wouldn’t.

But one thing about me that sets me apart is I don’t take what anyone says, including medical professionals, and think it’s the end all be all. The Bible says in Romans 3:4, let God be true and every man a liar.

I pray fervently over Taj, Zoe, and Kai. Taj has a long way to go to catch up with the mental and physical abilities of Zoe and Kai, but my big faith keeps me praising God for the miracles that will manifest in his future.

Parenthood is tiring, demanding, and challenging, but at the same time energizing, rewarding, and manageable.

If you’re a parent reading this, just know that I’m with you. I’ve seen the worst of days, and I’ve seen the best of days. What I don’t do is let the worst of days happen too frequently and keep me bogged down. There’s too much good in life to focus on the negative all the time.

As I speak to you I’m preaching to myself because I’m about to be snowed in for the next 24 hours with these crumb snatching rugrats, so I need a little pep talk. Parents have a lot of responsibility, but we wouldn’t trade our little love bugs for anything.

My challenge for you today is share and empathize with a mommy or daddy who feels like parenthood is dragging them along without their consent. Be a friendly reminder that everyday won’t be easy, but each day will be filled with love. And just think, they don’t stay babies forever. They do grow up to become adult babies that will leave your house and your bank account. Yay, thank God!

Sending love, hope, and peace your way!

Take the LEAP!


Last summer, I took my daughter to see the movie Leap. She’s taking ballet so I thought it would be a cute movie for her to watch. Last week, we watched it again on Netflix.

If you haven’t seen this movie, stop reading this post right now and find it on Netflix or a Redbox near you. If you have seen it, isn’t it such an inspiring movie? Either way, come back and finish reading.

Of course Zoe was fascinated by the pirouettes, arabesques, and sautés. But for me this movie is far more than just ballet. I see a message in everything, so I was very encouraged by the storyline.

It teaches children, as well as adults, to follow your dreams. This message is so real in my house these days. Zoe has an interest in being a doctor when she grows up, and I’m going to make sure she learns what she needs to know to make her dream come true. Maybe she’ll be a ballerina doctor. Hmmm.

My favorite line in the movie is, “If you never leap, you’ll never know what’s its like to fly”.

That line hit me like a freight train. Ok God, I get it! I want to fly. I want to soar. I have to leap.

I think over my life and count the numerous times I let fear get in my way of doing something. I’m finally at a point where I can say, “Screw it…let me at least try”. I definitely can’t pass that fear along to Dr. Zoe, so I have to straighten up.

Another fascinating part of the movie was how the main character, Félicie, just knew she was a dancer even when she didn’t have the steps down and looked like somebody’s old Auntie dancing at the family reunion. She even called herself a dancer when she hadn’t even stepped foot in a dance studio to train, yet.

If that’s not believing in yourself, I don’t know what is. That’s the type of belief I want to instill in my children. Honestly, I’m learning that for myself as I type.

I’m learning to take the leap. I’ve been a stay at home mom for 8 years and got stuck in my comfort zone. Now it’s time to take my leap.

I’m jumping into unknown territory. I’m jumping into uncharted territory. I’m jumping into unlit territory. It’s scary, but will be worth it.

Come along this journey with me to take the leap. What are you leaping towards? Don’t be afraid to jump out there and fly. While you’re at it, take in the beautiful scenery and bask in the warm sun.

Sending love and hope your way!

Help! I won’t be taken down

SOS…send a life jacket, a flotation device, or a helicopter. I’m drowning in inconsistency.

This is a transparent post so y’all stay with a sista.

I’ve always been a pretty disciplined person. When I get started on a task, I’m gung ho and ready to go. No one can stop me or throw me off course…except when inconsistency shows up.

I remember when I was in college my boyfriend – now husband – would tell me that I get so excited and involved in something then when the newness wanes I move on to something else. So when I would get involved and excited in a new project, he was waiting for it to end.

I didn’t think about it much then, but I think about it a lot now when I embark on a new journey. BECAUSE I’M STILL THAT WAY! Eighteen years later and I’m still inconsistent. I know, so sad. Y’all pray for me.

So what’s the deal? Why can I only read half a book these days? Why can I only stick to a healthy eating regimen for maybe 2 weeks? Why can I change a habit then get bored after 7 days?

This is something I’ve seriously been asking God about and seeking His help on doing better. All is not totally lost; I get things done. But I’ve noticed when it’s something tied to my God given destiny, my attention span is cut short and I’m easily distracted.

I’m sharing this with you because God has placed some ideas in me that require a level of focus and attention that I need to be consistent with or it won’t come to fruition. I also want to be taken seriously. Most people don’t know this about me, and I don’t want to introduce myself to the business world as Shanetta “Inconsistent” Kindred.

I’m getting myself together one day at a time by working on one thing at a time. I know that I get bored easily, so I have to spice things up and tweak some things in order for me to continue on.

First, my prayer life has gotten better. I’m not going to lie, I haven’t always prayed when I wake up and before I go to bed. I’ve made it a point to get my communication with God consistent because that’s going to be key to get everything else in line.

Second, I set a reasonable time frame that I want to get something accomplished. I’m a stay at home mom, so I try to set my own deadlines as if I work in an office. It helps me to stay on course to completing the task.

Third, I don’t beat myself up when I get knocked down. This may sound simple, but when I’m too hard on myself for being human, it’s like I dig myself further in a whole. The quicker I shake it off, the quicker I can hop back on the horse and keep riding. This has been so helpful for me lately.

Being consistent and persistent has helped a lot of people reach their success. I refuse to be a shoulda coulda woulda. I will not grow old and tell my kids that mommy couldn’t get it right and is now unaccomplished.

I bind the enemy right now in the name of Jesus. What he’s trying to keep me from is my God given destiny. He has no right to my future. So now when I feel inconsistency coming on I know that it’s something that I have to keep pressing forward, and it going to take a little more effort to push through.

I’m up for the challenge. I’m always looking to be better and do better. I don’t want to be an “old, stuck in my ways, this is just who I am” type of person. No! I’m growing to be better person. So, yes, I’m 35 years old and I still have dreams of what I want to be when I grow up. But as I said in last week’s post, I will make my dreams a reality.

Whew! I’m glad I got that out. And I thank you for reading. Do you, too, have problems with inconsistency? If so, I’d love to hear about you combat it. I could use some other helpful tips and insight. And we can be battle buddies helping each other through this war to see victory and completion.

Sending love and hope your way!

I am the future of Black History

All months matter! Don’t laugh, I’m being serious…kind of. Every month is a big deal because we always find a cause, event, holiday, the dog’s birthday, or whatever to celebrate. There’s always a reason to get dressed up, have a feast, or turn on some music and dance. Year round fun is where it’s at…woot woot!

Ok, now that I’ve named a festivity for everyone to celebrate, let me celebrate my people. February is a very special month to black people, or African Americans for those who are politically correct. I’m not, so I’m going to say black people.

Let me give you a little bit of background as to how Black History Month began. In 1926, Carter G. Woodson began celebrating Black History Week the second week of February. This was due to Abraham Lincoln’s birthday (February 12) and Frederick Douglass’ birthday (February 14) during that week. This was a celebratory time of year for most black Americans.

In the late 1960’s and early 70’s, colleges and cities began celebrating black history the whole month of February. It was then declared by President Gerald Ford in 1976 that February would be Black History Month.

My husband and I are already instilling in our children that the greatness that lies within them doesn’t have to remain a dream. Anything they want to be and anything they want to do are within arms reach as long as they have a plan to get there.

My daughter, Zoe, was in a Black History presentation at church this past Sunday, and they sung a song with lyrics that said, “I am the future, a bright black future. I am the future of black history”.

I explained to Zoe that right now she’s already on the path to be becoming someone that will be read about in history books, in articles, in publications, etc. We teach her to dream big, because if it’s possible for her, myself, or my husband to make happen, then she’s dreaming too small. Her goals in life should be so big that it takes the supernatural power of God to bring to fruition.

This applies to all of you as well. Don’t stay stuck in your dream world thinking that great success is only for those people over there. Anything that God has called you to, He will give provision for you to make it happen.

What if our forefathers stayed stuck in a dream of one day being free? What if our ancestors stayed stuck in a dream of one day earning an advanced degree? What if our grandparents stayed stuck in a dream of one day being business owners or home owners?

The time is now to create the future of black history. There are so many people to look to who are living out their dreams. And I’m not just talking about famous people who live their lives publicly, but look to some local leaders living out their God given purpose. As you look at them and admire, also aspire to do great or greater than what they have accomplished.

We teach our children to be greater than us, and greater than our parents. We should be leaving knowledge and money to our children and grandchildren so that each generation builds upon what the previous generation started. No more placing blame on your upbringing and complaining about what your parents and family didn’t do for you. Pick up where you and just start to do better. Greatness is in all of us!

Most people have now seen the newly released “Black Panther” on the big screen. It was not only an awesome, action packed Marvel masterpiece, but it was an inspiring story of how powerful, intelligent, and beautiful a people we are. I don’t know about you but I walked out of that movie with my head held high and ready to take on the world. I won’t go any further to give any details away to those who for some reason haven’t seen it yet. But if you haven’t, RUN to the theater to see it now.

So my challenge for you today is to think about the legacy you’re going to leave on this earth. What are you going to be known for in the years to come? I am a part of black history, and I want you to join me. Be free to share how you’re going to leave your dreams behind to make them a reality. Get it out of your head and into your hands. Black History is now!

Sending love and hope your way!

Dance your way to good health

So I found myself twerking last Friday night. No, I wasn’t in the club. Those days have ended for me. But it did feel like old times. I was popping, dipping, and having fun with an awesome instructor and other cool ladies. I know, I know, it sounds weird but it was a twerking fitness class. You’re still probably confused, but don’t be.

I love to exercise, and I really enjoy different forms of exercise. I like exercise that feels like I’m just having fun, but then I find myself sweating and using muscles that I didn’t know I had.

This TwerkFit class by Regina Perez Fitness is similar to Zumba in that you’re dancing for a sweaty workout. It’s sure to get your thighs burning and your buns firm. And you’re in a comfortable, judge free zone where you can just have fun shaking whatcha momma gave ya.

I met Regina less than a month ago at a Sistas on Purpose group that I joined recently. She’s a fitness model and personal trainer. She’s such a beautiful woman inside and out. She told me to come to her next TwerkFit class to check it out. Well, I’m glad I did. It was definitely a workout, and the ladies were just having a good time. No one was worried about coordination or rhythm. You can’t be concerned with that when you’re trying to be healthy.

Exercise classes where I’m dancing to tone and strengthen my muscles are a favorite of mine. I believe dancers have some of the greatest bodies, so I imagine that I look like them when I’m moving, lol. That’s why I loved this TwerkFit class. I had to rely on muscles I normally work out in the gym. Yet, I had to be loose so I could twerk properly without looking like a stiff board. I was like, “Heeeyyy, I’m doing something here”.

Being healthy is important to me because my body is a temple of God. He gave me only one, and I have to take care of it. To be honest, I haven’t taken the best care of it over the years. I’ve had my moments of eating unhealthy and not working out. Within the last year I’ve been trying to get back on track. I’ve had ups and downs but I’m sticking with it.

I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older that I have to take care of my body now so that when I’m older I’m not working double time trying to fix what I broke in my 20’s and 30’s. So when I get bored with the treadmill, the elliptical, and lifting weights, I’m looking for fun and exciting ways to move my body.

In order for me to carry out God’s purpose for my life, I have to be healthy and in good shape. It’s start now with being a stay at home mom running to and fro with kids. I’m up and down stairs, pulling and pushing kids in wagons and strollers, lifting kids and carrying them on my hip. On top of that, Taj doesn’t walk so I have to carry him to put him in his equipment, his bed, or the tub. I’m pretty strong, too.

And when I see the vision that God has laid out for me, I have to be healthy and in shape to travel, to withstand long work hours, and to be a witness to women how you can have babies and still have the body of your dreams. I want to emphasize “your” because everyone’s dream body is different. Be your best you for you!

Everyone won’t be model thin and a size 2. We won’t all have a perfect hourglass figure. But we can start being our best by just getting up and moving around. I get a good work out at the park with my kids. I try to sit on the park bench and watch, but somehow I always get sucked into the playground with all of those screaming kids. But it’s all good. I enjoy the bonding time and the extra calories burned.

Exercise is only a small part of total health and fitness. I just decided to highlight exercise today because we burn calories in ways we don’t think about sometimes. We have to work our way up to organized fitness routines, but dancing around your house is too easy and is good for your heart and soul.

If you live in the DMV, find a Regina Perez Fitness Twerkfit class near you. If you don’t live here, turn on your favorite music and start dancing. I even dance to Sesame Street or Yo Gabba Gabba with the kids. With the way my kids dance I’m sure to burn some calories just jumping and shaking the sillies out.

What are some non traditional ways you like to get a work out in? I’d love to hear how creative you are with moving your body. Remember, God gave you an amazing body. Take good care of it and dance like no one’s watching.

Sending love and hope your way!

The flu WILL NOT come to my house

And it doesn’t have to come to your house either.

Have you ever had an uninvited guest come to your house unexpectedly? Yeah, it’s annoying to hear the doorbell ring, you look through the peephole and see an uninvited, unwanted, irritating, sloppy guest. Do you act like you’re not at home or do you reluctantly answer the door? I’ve done both depending on who the guest happens to be.

Well, the flu is that pesky guest who shows up uninvited and stays a little too long past your liking.

Right now across America people are saying it’s flu season. I say “people are saying” because that’s what I see on the news and as I scroll through social media. But I’m one of those people who believes that what you say with your mouth is what happens in your life. So I say…the flu will not come to my house.

Proverbs 18:21 says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

So what does that mean? I’m glad you asked because I’ve done the research, and I’ll be more than happy to break it down for you. I use the Blue Letter Bible app which contains Strong’s Concordance to break down what words mean. I highly recommend this tool for bible study. You can download the app for free, no need to buy an actual concordance unless you just want to. You’re welcome!

Death means ruin or destruction. Life means actual life or a living thing. Power in this scripture means hand, which when broken down further just means what you control or hold. Tongue means your language or speech. Fruit in this scripture means reward.

So let’s summarize…your ruin or your life is controlled by your speech, and whichever way your affection sways will bring forth your reward. Even simpler, if you speak ruin, your reward is ruin. If you speak life, your reward is life. The Amplified bible says you shall bear the consequences of your words. Whaaatt??? Simple as that!

That’s why I can boldly say that the flu will not come to my house because I simply say “the flu will not come to my house”. The word of God tells me that my words have that much power. You may not think your words have power but start paying attention to things you say and then watch as it happens.

I pray not only over myself and my family, but also my house and my property. I don’t care if everyone in my neighborhood is sick, if all the kids at school are sick, if the alley cat down the street is sick, I still say the flu will not come to my house.

Now don’t get me wrong, I acknowledge that the flu exists just like other sicknesses and diseases that ail people. I also understand that when you get sick you have to take medicine or see a doctor. But just because they exist doesn’t mean God’s children have to be afflicted.

When Jesus died on the cross, He defeated sickness and disease because they are not of Him. He told us in Matthew 28:18 that all authority was given to Him in heaven and on earth. Isaiah 53:5 says we are healed by Jesus’ stripes. I can go deeper with this but I’ll leave this right here for now.

You can also say cancer won’t come to my house, diabetes won’t come to my house, schizophrenia won’t come to my house, food addiction won’t come to my house. Ok, maybe that last one just was for me, tehehe.

We must be wise in our actions as well. Don’t be a fool and think that God will protect you if you decide to be careless and hang out in a den of germs. Deuteronomy 6:16 says we shouldn’t tempt God. So if you hang out in a den of germs, a body full of germs is how you shall leave. Don’t be foolish!

I sincerely pray for those dealing with the flu virus right now. I encourage you that there is healing for your body. So as you get rest and take some medicine, read the scriptures I mentioned above and call God out on His word. He can’t lie.

For those who know Christ, share with someone what He can do in their time of need. If you don’t know Christ, I invite you to find Him because He’s waiting on you. Come as you are, He’ll clean you up. I’d love for you to join me in my healthy living and flu free zone. And hit me up to share any testimonies and praise reports. I’d love to hear!

Sending love and hope your way!

Mommies need breaks too


You’ve been sitting at your desk looking at your computer and working hard for a few hours. You decide it’s time to get up and move around to give your eyes a rest…you need a change of scenery.

You’ve been on your feet checking on patients and haven’t had a chance to get to the nurses station or break room just to breath…you need a change of scenery.

You’ve been on the set doing take after take trying to get the scene just right. It’s hard to step away because as soon you do, someone’s calling you back to film again…you need a change of scenery.

Being a mom is a JOB! It’s a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year JOB. Breaks come around like holidays, maybe you get a good one once a month. Dads and other people who aren’t moms look at us like we’re crazy if we say we need a break. “Break”, they say, “But you’re a mom, don’t you love your children?” Huh? Since when did moms needing a break equate to not loving your children. It’s because I love them that I need a break so that I can be my best for them and not yell at them all day because I’m frustrated. Now, no one has said these exact words to me, but that’s how my ears hear it and my brain processes it.

For stay at home moms we really feel this need for a break because we don’t have the opportunity to go to work and talk to adults. The only break I get is when my kids go to school. Now let me be clear, I’m not trying to put a wedge between working moms and stay at home moms. The way I see it, if you’re a mom worth your weight in gold, we have the same struggles and all need a break none the less.

So what does a break look like for you? I’m pretty simple. While I long for the week long vacation on the beach or a sightseeing trip through Italy, I would be pleased with a trip to the grocery store by myself. Until you have to take your kids with you everywhere you go, you don’t appreciate what I’m saying. You may laugh, but those few extra minutes and extra energy it takes to unbuckle kids out of the car seat, put their coats on if it’s cold, then hold them in place so they don’t run into parking lot traffic, it takes a toll over time. When I can go to the store and just get out of the car…by myself…I’m so happy. It’s the little things guys and gals.

Whether you’re a single mom with little help, a married mom with no help, or a mom with a village of family and friends, we ALL need a break. Most people would think going to use the bathroom, be it the toilet or the shower, is a break. But let me tell you my friends…it’s not. My little rugrats follow me all over the house, even to the bathroom. They don’t care that your pants are down or if it stinks in there. They are with mommy so they are happy, y’all. I’ve had to start speed walking through my house to try to shake them, then I juke and hit the corner to my bedroom and sprint to the bathroom. I lock the door then take a rest. Now if they find you, they’re going to knock or shall I say beat on the door. They will scream “Mommy” with a blood curdling shrill. You may feel bad that they’re hurt that you left them, but I encourage you to stay strong. Keep that door shut and locked until you’re ready to come out. Either they will start playing in your hair products and makeup under the sink or they’ll go back to their play area. They WILL be ok, I promise.

Now I don’t want to forget about our dads out there. We love you guys too. But let’s be honest, men have a one track mind and the patience of a child. Y’all get more breaks than a little bit. From my experience, you feel our pain when you have to take of the kids by yourself for an extended period of time. Then you understand why we need breaks because after an hour with the kids you’re ready to call for backup. But thank you for trying.

I just went on and on about moms needing breaks, and I definitely mean that. But I must confess…….I have a hard time asking for help to get my own breaks. (Insert crying emoji). I’m one of those people that likes to take care of things myself. First of all, I don’t like be inconvenienced so I try not to inconvenience other people. I know how hard it is to handle my 3, so I don’t like to put them on other people. Second of all, by the time I give instructions on how to take care of all 3, specifically Taj, I’m tired and need a break from the mini crash course. But this is something that I’m actively working on. My husband and I have a couple’s New Years Resolution…to date more and spend quality time together without the kids. So don’t be surprised if you’re next in line to babysit. Oh come on, it’ll be fun!

I do have my a girls trips about once a year, one with my cousins in my husband’s family and another with my Atl homegirls from way back. I get so much anxiety leading up to my departure when I have to be away from my kids…until I pull off from the house and head to the airport. Then I forget I even have kids…until I realize I’m not carrying my everyday diaper backpack stocked with diapers, clothes, snacks, hand sanitizer, yeah the usual. But I do thoroughly enjoy myself while away. No worrying about feeding anyone but me, no putting anyone to sleep, no constant hand holding for safety, I mean, it’s the life, right?

Breaks come in all shapes, sizes, lengths, and vary in activity. Even if you have your hands full with your own kids, help another sister out by giving her a break.  I’d love to hear how some of you mommas spend your breaks. Do you like periodic getaways with the hubs or your girls or will a trip to mall without your little ones suffice? There’s no wrong answer, just a right amount of mommy time.

Sending love and hope your way!

5 Things that make a day great

Everyday that I wake up it’s a blessing to be alive. But I’m not going to sit here and act in front of y’all like my whole day is cupcakes and rainbows. Being a parent is a challenge: being a mom turns you into Inspector Gadget. I swear my kids think I have go go gadget arms and can turn my shoes into rockets. But I’m a part of a motherhood with so many beautiful women who do what I do everyday. Here are some things that I do daily to make my life easier.

1.) I start my day off in prayer. This hasn’t always been the case. Before, I would wake up and say, “Thank you, Lord, for waking me up this morning”, but it wasn’t until these last few months that I’ve started waking up and spending time with God.

I think most people don’t want to pray because they think they have to say some long, eloquent prayers that make you sound like a deacon at midweek revival. You don’t have to pray like that. I talk to God just like I talk to my family and friends. He knows me better than anyone else, so why would I act extra and try to impress Him?

I start by worshiping Him for who He is, next I thank Him for my blessings. Then I talk to Him about whatever I want to talk about. I also take the time to shut up and listen…yeah that’s a tough one but I’m getting better.

2.) I know most people don’t love exercise, but I feel great when I do it. The key is finding the right exercise for you. Everyone doesn’t like long runs on the treadmill or lifting weights tediously while watching the fit people in the gym show off (although they put on a good show).

There are so many ways to move your body. Zumba has taken off in recent years. But even if you can’t get to a Zumba class, turn on some music and dance at home. And with YouTube who can’t find Zumba or any other workout online? I get it, days are long and people get on your nerves. You just want to go home and bury yourself in your bed.

Let this motivate you, I used to run 2 miles a day for about 4 days a week pushing a double stroller and 2 kids totaling 100 pounds. At the end of this run was a hill with a serious incline. But I did it! I know people call me Super Mom, but I’m just plain old Shanetta with a will to be healthy. If being healthy means something to you, I know you can find the time for it, too.

3.) Growing up we drank Coke a lot. I was really a Sprite girl. But in 2003, I made a commitment to lose the freshman 25 that I gained from the unlimited meal plan. I was exercising like crazy, but one thing that I did that stuck with me is I drank nothing but water for a whole year. Now granted I had a 20 year old’s metabolism but still, I was able to lose all of that weight. I never really picked the soda habit back up.

Staying hydrated helps me to not get cranky. Plus, I feel like I’m helping my kidneys out by giving them a good flush. I don’t mind drinking plain water, but I know some people find it as bland as school cafeteria food. If you do want to switch things up add some fruit, cucumber, or mint to feel like a rockstar.

4.) I live for a good laugh! Laughter is truly a healing medicine so I try to laugh everyday. Usually my kids are the ones making me laugh, but sometimes I want them to go away. So I’ll catch up on social media or go on YouTube or Netflix to find something funny.

My husband and I went to see Kevin Hart in 2015. He had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt. Now that’s the type of laughing I’m talking about. Make me squeeze my stomach muscles so hard I form a 6 pack.

I can always count on my mom, my sister, and my cousins to make me laugh. Even my honey bunny makes me laugh sometimes. He has that funny bone where he doesn’t know he’s being funny but I’m crying laughing. Ohhhh he’s so cute…but I digress. I think I’m pretty funny and love to act a fool on occasion. Once I feel you out and see that you get my humor, oh it’s on and popping.

5.) Lastly, I’m a pretty lazy person. It took years for me to admit that. Even saying it here makes me feel naked. But I’m here to be transparent, right? With that being said, most days I just need about 15-30 minutes of absolutely, positively NOTHING to do…in peace. I have to add the “in peace” part because someone or something is going to try to interrupt this time of nothingness.

I want my kids to take a nap, I don’t want the phone to ring, and it would be nice if the world outside my home would be quiet. Okay, I’m asking for too much. But seriously, when you hear kids talking all day and following you to the bathroom you just need a moment to recharge before you pull every strand of good hair off your head. Now I love a good wig, but I also love having a healthy head of hair underneath. So give me my moment of peace before World War III breaks loose.

Reading, talking to God, and naps are my favorite things to do during this time. Naps are hard because one of my children usually ends up pulling my blanket off, pulling my hair, or tattling on the other for hitting them or taking their toy. Ahhh, just thinking about it makes me want some tea, a blanket, and a cozy couch. zzzzzz

I’m happy to share with you things that make my day great. I’d love to hear some of the things you do to make it through the daily grind. Just remember, every moment you’re still alive means God’s will for your life isn’t complete. So keep smiling and pushing towards your destiny.

Sending love and hope your way!

Daily tackling the Mom life and winning


GA game day 17Hello, I hope you can hear me loud and clear! Welcome to my blog and my very first blog post. Cue the confetti!!!

The answer is by the grace of God! What’s the question, you ask? “How do you do it?” I get asked this question a lot as I’m out and about with my three children. My oldest son has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair. My daughter walks alongside me holding my hand while I wear my baby boy on my chest in his baby carrier. Yeah…sounds tiring right? Well it is, but God has graced me to handle all three of them by myself on occasion.

And that’s why I’m here writing to you today. I want to share with the world how I take on my duties of being a stay at home mom and wife all while staying sane and healthy. I have some pretty funny yet inspiring stories of how I’m successfully defeating my daily Mom life. So if you want to know more about my supernatural faith, family, and fitness and how you can be a rockstar in real life…keep reading and following.

My husband is usually busy with the Army life, so I’m left with the children all day. And while he was deployed and then living in another state for almost two years, I was left with them day AND night. The nerve of him…just kidding. He’s the reason why I’m blessed to not have to work and can stay home to take care of our children. We work as a team keeping this well oiled machine running. I like to think that my husband is the Chief Financial Officer, and I’m the Chief Executive Officer. In other words, he brings home the “finances” and I “execute” the spending. Okay corny…I know, but you get what I’m saying.

I truly believe that being the mom to these three precious little ones is what God predestined for my life. Long before I was born, He knew that I would be a walking jungle gym with a child on every side. Times haven’t always been as easy as they are now, but they are only easier because I stopped operating in my own strength. I cast my cares on God because He cares for me. I still have moments of frustration, but they don’t last nearly as long as before. Besides, I have to keep pushing because the “Mommy” screams at the top of their lungs and tugging on my legs doesn’t stop until they are asleep.

One thing that helps me relieve stress and get a break from the kids is exercising. I used to run as my therapy, but now with three kids and very little time, I don’t have as much time to train for races as before. But I do still find time to hit the gym for about an hour 3-5 days a week. Whipping this 35 year old mom bod into shape isn’t as easy as it used to be. And I’m an emotional eater so it’s easy for me eat something that I shouldn’t be. I’m determined to get in the best shape of my life this year. I even had to asked God for help to pull me away from the french fries and push me into the gym. And let me tell you, He’s working on me. Let me just keep it ALL the way real.

I’m here to inspire and encourage you that you can do it, too. I get my kids dressed for school, find time to hit the gym, run a few errands, get kids from school, make dinner, put kids to bed, and then spend some time with the hubs before we’re both looking at the backs of our eyelids with our heads resting on our drool soaked shoulders. I’m not special, and I don’t have any secrets. I’m just a mom taking care of my children using the supernatural power of God that He gave to me…and He gave it to you, too. You just have to tap into it.

I’d love to hear how you juggle everything life throws your way. It’s a daily choice to conquer the day. If you’re reading this post, you’ve made it through another day and that’s awesome. Please feel free to chat with me here or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Periscope under my name, Shanetta Kindred. Catch me on a live video on Periscope where I can do what I do better than write – talk.

Sending love and hope your way!